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FFAM00001 Remlius feat Ozzy – Mimi Na Wewe

FFAM00001 Remlius feat Ozzy – Mimi Na Wewe

FFAM00001 Remlius feat Ozzy – Mimi Na Wewe

Remlius feat Ozzy – Mimi Na Wewe
Genre: Club Mix, R&B, African, RnB, Hip Hop, Rock …
Official Release Date : 31.12.2010
Track: 1

EAN/UPC: 5052653019897
ISRC: GBKQU1028456
CAT No: FFAM00001
CAT ID: FFAM00001-2310FFAM000001

written by David Steve Ozzy
produced by Sean Davidson, Studio Cristal Record, VA & Entertainment Phoenix, AZ Branch
vocalist: Remy Masemo Peter, David Steve Ozzy

Copyright: 2010 FFA Music Publishing / technoAgent (LC-23280)
Label: FFA Music
Publisher: Faruk Akilli – FFA Music Publishing

This is the sound, which is mostly that hot like the african sun. Remlius feat. Ozzy – Mimi na Wewe

Remlius himself says of his number: Me and You ( This is about a club girl which i did met and she was beautiful to earth. then after i talk to her she said Yes we can hang out but we can’t do nothing. Then i said God know between me and you no one else. My life without you doesn’t have any meaning, my heart will remain with you until i die. no matter what will happen. every time i saw you everybody knows is only you no one else no other than you me and you in paradise one day. me and you we are friends,bestfriends,husband and wife. Everyday i will love you always and forever until harmagedon come)



Since months this track appears on many radio stations in the united stated. Now is the time for an attack in Europe and Asia. The easy touched soind with african flair kepps in ear and let you dance by instance. An distinctive Happy-hymne. Drifty, banging and with significant Vocals, this Single has the chance to storm the international charts. Everybody saying, that Remy Masemo Peter, his common name, is a Uni-Party African RnB singer, isn’t that wrong because Remilus isn’t that unknown as you think, he played as a Opening act for Lady Gaga in Amsterdam right in front of 60 thousand people. The sympatic singer contacts to his reached achievements. In the States, he fills up concert halls und stadions with about 80.000 people; and even in Europe, Africa and Asia, Remilus is an stomping Act! The achievement creates hopes, that Remilus mayne once be one of the best Americas Artists near Shaggy or Jason Derulo.

More infos and an Interview with BBC you can find here:

At his debut Interview Remlius says “ I remember what 2 Pac Shakur told the US Government about Change we hope and we will make and we gotta make CHANGE.“ Then he continue by saying “ It’s Time for us to make Change,Last change we eat,live,drink,let’s make change of survivor, I live with Change,dreams. I wanna be, I have Projecting in my whole life is to be with possibility of what I do. I do not know how to do things without possibility for every man and woman“ says Remlius at BBC News.

In 1989 Mr and Mrs REMY made birth to their son Remy Masemo Peter as known as REMLIUS today. His mom was so proud of him at the age of 2 years old because he was running away if he bring trouble. At the age of 5 years REMLIUS started going to school in Mukolwe. Remlius was born in a small town town named NUNDU on January 29th,1989. At the age of 7 Remlius and his family have moved to a town named Baraka where he was a trouble maker at school after two year REMLIUS and his family moved to Tanzania and is where he began his career of writing Music to the Artist in tanzania after six months Remlius has moved to Nyarugusu Refugee Camp where he started school till Grade Eight he did not graduate High School in that camp. In 2000 Remlius sold his first songs to King Crazy G.K in Dar es Salaam and GK sold more than 187302 copies of the single named ITAKADI. In August 2000 Remlius have lunches his first concert in Makere with King Crazy G.K and A.Y and that Concert was the first concert of REMLIUS to perform. In 2003 Remlius and G.K have recorded their single together Ama zangu Ama zao which took the first place for 3 years in Tanzania and kenya. Then Remlius has seen to do his own jobs without selling his music to anyone. In September 2003 Remlius have moved again to stay with his uncle Lumumba in Kigoma where he wrote a song CINDERELLA and gave it to Ali Kiba who is the R&B singer of Tanzania. The songs took first place for 4 years in different country in Africa. At his Interview in Dar Es Salaam Remlius said“ My life has changed! for the better and there is a lot of good/great people that have a lot to do with all of this! My father in heaven, I still feel you in my heart and my soul. I have nothing but praise and glory to worship you with.You have taught me everything that I know.To my family and friends I love y’all. Both my parents Remy and Lena I love you too! it feels good to have both of of you LOVE! GOD foresee everything that will happen throughout my life,you watch and shelter me“ This is My dream my everything I have. This is my journey and My career. I need your support to achieve this goals of my career to make a better world soon.

Birth date: January 29th,1989
Born in DRC
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, RnB

Manager: Faruk Akilli
Label: FFA Music
Publisher: FFA Music Publishing


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Amazon, ITunes, Beatport, Napster, Juno, 7Digital, Mixmag, tunetribe, eMusic ….

written by Frank Faruk Akilli (FFA Music)

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mr3tt00004 mr3tt – Deep in My Soul

mr3tt - Deep in My Soul

mr3tt - Deep in My Soul

mr3tt – Deep in My Soul
A1 Orginal Mix 05:11m
Genre: Euro Dance, Techno, Pop, Italo Pop ..
Rel. Date: 15.08.2010
EAN/UPC: 5055274092010
ISRC: GBKQU1020045
Cat. Nr.: mr3tt00004
ID: mr3tt00004-2310mr3tt00004
Labelcode: LC-23280
written by faruk akilli, loris s.
composed by faruk akilli, loris s.
vocals: faruk akilli, loris s., christina
(p) 2010 TechnoAgent – mr3tt
(c) 2010 FFA Music Publishing

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